Hens And Roosters Peck For Seeds
.A Female Mallard Reflects In The Calm Water
A White Ibis Wades Along The Edge of A Body Of Water
A Roseate Spoonbill Stretches Its Wings For Flight
White Egrets And Spoonbills Reflect In Blue Water
A Snowy Egret Walks Upright In Tall Grasses
Turtles Swim And Climb On Logs And Rocks In A Small Pool Surrounded By Lush Vegetation
Colorful Koi Swim In Turquoise Waters
A Variety Of Fish And Sea Creatures Swim In An Aquarium
Deer Forage For Food In A Woodland Clearing In A Gentle Snowfall
A Team Of Horses Rests At A Ranch Near Denali, Alaska
A Chestnut Colored Horse Grazes In A Green Rocky Field
Colorful Fish, Coral and Starfish At The Bottom Of The Sea
Baby Turtles Hatch And Make Their Way To The Ocean
A Sea Turtle Swims Near The Sea Floor
A Colorful Game Fish Swims In Green Waters
A Horse Looks Out From His Stall In A Red Barn
A Single Multicolored Peacock Feather
A Proud Peacock Fans His Plumage